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A message from our Pastor
Here is a letter from our Pastor. I hope this message finds you and your family members are doing well and staying healthy during this unbelievable time. The COVID-19 Coronavirus has changed the world and it continues to affect every aspect of our lives each and every day. As we have been reminded in the media and by our elected officials every person must do their part in helping to not spread the deadly virus to others. Social-distancing and keeping six feet apart from others has become the norm. This practice has become common throughout the entire world. There is not a corner of the globe that is not dealing with this pandemic and serious threat to our every day common life. Each day we are made aware of how many people have been ill with the virus and sadly how many people have died as well. We are living in a panicked and fearful world at the moment. I had a phone conversation the other day with a man in his eighties who told me that last weekend was the first and only time he has not attended Mass in his entire life. It was difficult for him and although he supported and understood the directive to close our churches he called to inquire how long this closure might continue. The honest answer to that question is we really have no idea. It may be several weeks before it is safe to celebrate public liturgies and resume ordinary parish life. At a time when families are especially in need of the support and presence of others, not being able to celebrate funeral liturgies is especially difficult. We will most assuredly celebrate memorial Masses for all of our families who are experiencing the loss of a family member during these trying times, at a later date. I want to let you know that both Fr. Michael and myself have been celebrating daily private Masses either in the church or at the small chapel in the Rectory. All of you are with us spiritually at those moments of prayer. As I am sure you realize the closing of many businesses at this time has taken a huge toll on the economy and many people have been laid off from their jobs. This has resulted in many financial hardships for many of our families. Please know that I fully understand. The parish too has been and well be without the necessary income that is collected each week at Mass. I am worried about the long range financial stabilization of the parish. With that said I would like to encourage you to consider signing up for online giving during these challenging times. If you and your family can still support the parish by mailing in or dropping off your visual donations to the parish I would be more than grateful. I fully realize that for some that is not possible at this time. Your prayers are also welcomed and appreciated. During these unprecedented and challenging times we will continue to publish a weekly bulletin for folks to read online and try to keep our website updated with factual information. Be assured that you are a constant in my prayers and I humble ask to be included in yours as well. Stay healthy & well. Fr. Steve