Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord;  

We all know how busy we all are, especially parents who are busy taking care of their children and bringing them to various activities during the week and also on weekends.  As we all know, sometimes it is very difficult to find time to attend Mass.  The Mass is central to the lives of every Catholic.  We are fed with the Risen Christ and given strength to live out the Christian life, and we support and help one another.  

There are ways to assist us in fulfilling this beautiful obligation every week.  There is an app "" that will assist you in locating Mass times throughout the US.  It lists all the Mass times for every church in the country and also can give you directions to that church.  

I think this app would be very helpful for all Catholics to put on their smart phones.  Hopefully, this app will help all in worshipping the Lord every weekend.  

Thank you for your time and support.  God bless you!

In the Lord,

Fr. Coughlin