Social Committee Events

Foxwoods Trip and other Social Committee trip info….

The Social committee has recently received several requests to run a trip to Foxwoods sometime in February or March.  If we have enough interest, we will schedule a trip.  We need 40 people for the bus company to run the trip.  If you are interested, please call Clare at the Rectory and let her know.  When we have enough people, we will choose a weekday for the trip and let everyone know.  The cost for this trip is $30 per person.  Please call as soon as possible so that we can schedule the trip.  Thanks! 


We are also looking to plan some day trips during 2019.  Some of the day trips we are exploring are:

  • Bull & Claw Lobsterbake (Wells, Maine) ~ Lobster, prime rib or chicken luncheon
  • Spirit of Boston Cruise, show  luncheon
  • Bourne Scallop Festival—September  ~Scallop & chicken meal, entertainment, vendor displays and a canal cruise
  • Essex River Cruise—includes lunch
  • LaSalette Christmas—lunch at Wright’s Chicken Farm and beautiful light displays and concert at LaSalette in Attleboro
  • Wayside Inn, Sudbury—lunch & tour

Keep in mind we need at least 40 people to run any of the above trips.  Depending on your responses we will choose what trip(s) to run.

We also can purchase group tickets to North Shore Music Theater (transportation on your own)

The upcoming shows are:

  • Oklahoma—June 4-16
  • Jersey Boys—Aug. 6-Aug. 25
  • Sunset Boulevard—Sept. 24—Oct. 6
  • Christmas Carol—Dec. 6—Dec. 22

Tickets run at approximately $60 (depending on show time and seat location)


The next scheduled Social Committee event is scheduled for Sunday, April 7th at noon.  We will be having a Volunteer Appreciation Brunch. All parishioners are invited to join us for this event and to say thank you to all the volunteers who keep our parish running week after week.  More details will be in upcoming bulletins.


Members of our Social Committee are:  Terry Cosman, Susan & Gerard Herook, John Starr, Dolly Tobey and Clare Zeimetz.  If you have any suggestions for an event, please let one of the committee members know. 


Thank you!








Many more details about these events will be printed in upcoming bulletins. 






Mark your calendars now for these fun events, and keep an eye on the bulletin and the parish website for more details on each of these events.