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Many people have asked for copies of Fr. Coughlin's homily that he delivered for his 50th Anniversary of Ordination Mass.  The text appears here:
Sunday, May 29, 2016
"I believe that today is not merely the marking of an anniversary, but a celebration of Eucharist, Priesthood, Church & above all, of Jesus of Nazareth.  He in reality is why we are all here.  Were it not for Him none of today would be possible.  For nearly 2000 years there have been so many attempts to obliterate His Name, His Church, which He Himself established, from the face of the earth.  Sadly, they continue to this very day.  They have failed.  they will continue to fail.  He has promised to be with His Church, to be with us, His disciples and friends, until the end of time.  He has kept, is keeping, and will continue to keep this promise.  
So today, at this Eucharist, we, again, celebrate, renew our discipleship, friendship with Him, as He continues to pour forth His love on us, in continuing to feed us with the Eucharist, with Himself, as He has done from the beginning.  This wonderful miracle of the loaves an fishes, as recounted so precisely and beautifully by St. Luke in today's Gospel, remains a sign to each of us of His love, His friendship, His gratitude to each of us.  For we who are so fortunate to be His disciples and friends, this day then is such a blessing.
But I must also acknowledge that today, in particular, is such a great blessing for me.  50 years ago last Thursday, May 26, 1966. at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, I was ordained a priest.  50 years ago today, May 29, I celebrated my first Mass, in a church, at Sacred Hearts Church in Bradford, my home parish.  Jesus had given me the precious gift of sharing gin His Ministerial Priesthood.  I am so humbled and grateful that He has supported me as I have attempted to exercise this ministry for 50 years.  A priest is ordained to make Jesus present in the service of His Church, in the service of His people.  He is ordained above all for Jesus and for others, not for himself.  I can tell you from my years in the ministry that in attempting to minister to Jesus' people, I have received far more than I have given.  You, His people, have taught, encouraged, strengthened, and edified me so much.  Teenagers, young adults, deepening their friendship with Jesus; young parents instilling and living out Christian values in their families; single parents making tremendous sacrifices in nurturing their children; the elderly maintaining faith, hope & love in the face of physical and emotional challenges.  It is such a special privilege for a priest, it is such a special privilege for this priest to be able to walk with you all and to experience your love and fidelity for Jesus and for one another.  I have been so privileged, I continue to be so privileged to see the people of God, all of you, in action.  I see it in the elderly giving so much as role models as grandparents.  I see it in men & women striving to be good Dads & Moms.  I see it in teenagers and young adults, striving to grow in their Faith. I see it in young children whose parents sacrificed so much to bring them into the world, to help create and nurture the next generation, not only for Jesus & His Church, but for our own land, the United State of America, as well.  Today I can only celebrate all of you.  But today it is most appropriate if I acknowledge those who have aided and supported me throughout my life.  I cannot here enumerate them all. But I can acknowledge my Mom & Dad, Neil & Mildred Coughlin, who gave so much to me; my cousin, Henry Duggan, who was close to our family; the priests at Sacred Hearts School; the Marist Brothers at my high school, Central Catholic in Lawrence, friends that I made while at Lawrence Central, some of whom remained friends throughout the years.  I remember in particular my Rector at St. John's Seminary in Brighton, Msgr. Matthew Stapleton, who was such a mentor and friend to me.  I am so grateful for the support that I have received from my Archbishops, as well as from my brother priests.  they have remained steadfast witnesses and servants of Jesus, our Eternal High Priest, under incredibly difficult & trying circumstances.  I am so grateful also to the people in whose parishes I have been privileged to serve; St. John the Evangelist in North Chelmsford, St. Joseph's in Wakefield, St. Patrick's in Groveland, St. Barbara's in Woburn, and for the last 26 years here at Most Blessed Sacrament in Wakefield.
But also today I am compelled to remember my Grandfather, my Mom's Dad, Will Roche, who our family knew as "Pa".  His father died in Ireland, his mother married again, and he came here as a young man of 16.  He came through New York, sailed into New York harbor and beheld the Lady in the Bay.  He settled in Newburyport and married my grandmother.  They had one child that lived, my Mom.  We were pals.  For instance he would take me to the Newburyport Traffic Circle to watch the trucks traveling on Route 1.  I had him for only 6 1/2 years but that was sufficient.  He died very suddenly in February of 1947.  I remember him with such fondness to this day.  He truly was on of the most important adults in my life growing up.  I miss him to this day.
But I also wish to express my profound gratitude to my sister Peg, & her husband, Bob, for supporting & nurturing me through the years & opening their home to me.  I have been so very blessed by their children, my niece Julie and her husband Peter, my nephew Bobby and his fiancee Nada, my nephew David and his wife Linda, my nephew Dan and his wife Kayla and above all by their children:  Katie, Cole, Elizabeth, Andrew, Noah, Tug, Connor, Avery & Ryan.  I am so proud of them.  They enrich my life every day.
So my ministry continues.  I do not know how long I shall remain Pastor here.  That is not my call.  But I pray that I may continue to minister to God's people either here or elsewhere as long as I live.  But I also urge others to follow me.  The Catholic Priesthood is a very good life.  one has to work at it every day, but it is an extremely satisfying, fulfilling, exciting life.  At all times in the Priesthood, the grace, the support, the love of Jesus Christ is there.  to you, the people of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish - Melrose, Saugus & Wakefield - whom I have been privileged to serve for more than 26 years, again, I offer my most humble gratitude.  Jesus, our Brother, my Friend, has been very good to me.  I am so grateful to Him.  May He always keep me close to Him.  May I always serve Him as I minister to others.  Please pray for me."

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