Abortion House and Senate Bill


A note from Fr. Coughlin:

There is a bill before the Massachusetts legislature to greatly expand abortion.  It is called "The ROE Act" (House bill #3320 and Senate Bill #1209).  

1.  Allows abortion on demand in our Commonwealth for all nine months of pregnancy;

2.  Removes any requirement that even late tern abortions be performed in hospitals;

3.  Removes any need for a young girl to obtain any consent whatsoever before undergoing an abortion procedure;

4.  Removes any requirement that efforts be made to save a living baby who survives the abortion procedure; and

5.  Funds these types of abortions through the "Healthy Start" program even for women who do not quality for MassHealth.

This bill, if passed, not only legitimizes but celebrates infanticide.  As Church, as human beings, our very humanity moves us to raise our voices in opposition to this proposed act.  

I urge all to contact our local senator and representatives to express our opposition to this proposed bill.  

Senator Jason Lewis:  Phone 617-722-1206  email:

Representative Paul Brodeur:  Phone 617-722-2013  email:

Representative Donald Wong:  Phone 617-722-2488  email:


Thank you all so much.

In the Lord,


Fr. Bill Coughlin, Pastor