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Most Blessed Sacrament Parish Office Relocation


As you probably know, Most Blessed Sacrament Parish (Wakefield) and Incarnation Parish (Melrose) are joined in a collaborative.  This means that, while each parish maintains its own identity, we have one Pastor who oversees both parishes.  We are lucky to have Fr. Stephen Madden as our Pastor, Fr. Michael Ssenfuma as our Parochial Vicar and Deacon Bob Breen serving both parishes.  

The parish office at Most Blessed Sacrament has been relocated to Incarnation Parish at 429 Upham Street in Melrose.  The rectory and parish office at Most Blessed Sacrament is being prepared for sale.  Most Blessed Sacrament Parish will still remain open, and will continue on.  Just the parish office has been relocated.  There is no change to the parish.  The Faith Formation Office remains in the lower level of the church.

We can be reached at 781-245-2080; 781-245-7028 or at the Incarnation number 781-662-8844.

We look forward to serving you as we always have.

Thank you and God bless!